2014-09-28 Lemoatxa EA2/BI-063. EA2BDS' First QSO S2S with VK

Yesterday, sunday 28/9/2014, was a good SOTA'ing day. As rain, winds, and probably storms were forecasted, we -Marcial EAS2BDS and me- decided to go to Lemoatxa EA2/BI063. This summit is almost a "ride-to-top" summit, with only 250 m walk from the parking lot and 60 m below the summit. This allowed us to carry the "heavy guns", our biggest antennas and even a camping table and chairs with little effort. It has also another advantage. On the very summit, there is a small forest-chapel that provides shelter on windy or rainy days.  It is also at 30 min. from our QTHs only.


EA2/BI-025 Untzueta

first slopes
Yesterday, after several weeks without activity, Marcial EA2BDS and me returned to the mountain. The one selected was Mt. Untzueta, near Orozko (Bizkaia). We went a bit late on the afternoon, as it was impossible to hike on the morning, and started the trip at 18:00 local (16:00 z). Unfortunately, we are suffering the highest temperatures of this summer, and we started the hike with about 36ºC and 80% humidity. Not best conditions for SOTA.

I was carrying the basic equipment, FT-817, telescopic antenna for HF, LiFePo battery and some water.