Urregarai EA2/BI-031 26/10/2014

These days we have been suffering the effects of a big sun flare (Sunspot 2192) that has affected seriously the propagation, making the normal conditions change. In a minute the bands are opened or closed, with 28 Mhz being quiet active. Even more, last weekend was the CQ WW SSB contest, making the phone sections of the bands almost unuseable for SOTA activities.

Despite all this, and being not totally recovered of my arm surgery, we chose Urregarai EA2/BI-031 as our sunday target.


Dos Hermanas EA2/NV-131 2014-10-04

Following the route to achieve a new level , "Haize" (wind) of the Basque Mountains award as activator, and at the same time, paying a visit to my sister who lives in Navarre, I've planned a new trip to that region.

In order to make the "Haize" level, you need to activate 5 summits on 4 territoires. I've already worked the necessary summits on Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, and Araba, having only 2 on Navarre. (I need three more there)