2015.03.18 Unbe EA2/BI-076

Tomorrow thursday we celebrate St. Joseph day (Father's day as well) and we'll have 4 days free. But unfortunately, some showers are forecasted for these next four days. 

So although thurdays are not the best days for making SOTA in the afternoon, I called Marcial to propose him a short activation of the near and almost drive in summit of Unbe Mendi EA2/BI-076.


Equipo básico / SOTA / Basic equipment

Esta es una somera descripcion de mi equipo básico para SOTA, por si a alguien le puede servir a la hora de planificar sus activaciones:
This is a brief description of my basic SOTA equipment, in case that it could be useful for somebody while planning activations


EA2/SS-045 Anporreta and EA2/SS-061 Kortaburu (new)

Last friday Marcial had to go to Arrasate (Gipuzkoa) and we decided to make some SOTA. As Marcial would had the morning busy, meanwhile I would activate Anporreta EA2/SS-045 and later, on the afternoon would make the new Kortaburu, also close to Arrasate.


Belabia and San Formerio,2 new basque summits yesterday

Yesterday 1/3/2015 a window of good weather was expected between 11 and 16 UTC and thus, we -Marcial EA2BDS, my 10 y.o. son Oier and me- were ready for a new activation. Our goals were activating a new referenced summit, Belabia EA2/VI-062.  If there were not rain, we're planning to activate Jaunden EA2/VI-042 too, but Cruz EB2EBX pointed us that this last could be problematic, as there was a lot o snow and small place for placing the poles. So, finally we chose to make only the first.