Is this really SOTA?

I beg your pardon for this post, but I'm starting to think that I, or maybe some other people, have not understood quite well which is the spirit subjacent below SOTA.

There is an increasing amount of people (not too many luckily) who think that SOTA would be something like this...

or this...

SOTA is not like other awards around ham radio. Some people must make in cases considerable efforts to climb summits, joining the love for the mountains and the radio together. 

Sometimes, certain people doesn't seem to notice that conditions could not be the best for operating because of sun, wind, rain, or snow. 

Sometimes, certain people doesn't seem to understand that the activator is not a robot payed to give points.

I like almost all the chasers indeed, and we need them to be there for SOTA to go forward as much as they need activators, but sometimes I think that things would be better if everybody take part at least on an activation. Just to see the other side of the door...

Why this post? Ask EA7PY, for example.

This is his QSL, do you need any explanation more?