Open letter to our fellow chasers

Dear chasers,

These last times, I am more and more concerned about some bad habits which have been spreading among SOTA chasers. Perhaps the example given by a few but active and renowed chasers -whose behavior is far from being the best- has something to do with it. For the activators is a very hard situation to be in front of a bunch of shouting mad people after making the effort to climb to the summit, and stay there on cold, hot, wind, rain or snow. 

So, I finally decided to publish these very simple advices to make our lives easier, and to allow your fellow chasers achieving the QSO too. Please remember that SOTA is only a competitive issue for a few, whose only interest is fame and prestige, no matter the costs.

- First of all, LISTEN, LISTEN and LISTEN. Don't transmit just after turning on your transceiver. Remember that you have also a receiver. This is the key to avoid other mistaken behaviours.

- Please, don't tune your rig on the activator frequency. Think on the rest of chasers. All of you are trying to contact the activator. The faster we do it, the more will achieve it. 

- Please, call only once. If you call and call and call again, you are only contributing to increase the noise listened by the activator.

- Please, don't repeat your call if the activator copied it right. If we make short QSOs, more chasers will be able to make them. Of course the QSO is your moment of glory, when all the rest are listening. But if you need that, probably it would be better you to choose another hobby. 

- Please don't transmit when the activator is calling to a partial callsign, a particular zone or a SOTA to SOTA station. Respect the rest, and the rest will respect you.

- Please, don't transmit exactly on the same frequency than the activator. He will only hear a continous tone. Move your dial just 100-150 Hz up or down, and your transmission will be clearly listened. 

That's all. It is not very complicated. It is only a matter of mutual respect. Don't be anxious, the race is only for a few. We the rest have other important things in life.

Many many thanks for being there.
Except if you come just to make QRM.

73, Mikel EA2CW