New address of the Euskal Herriko Mendiak Award "mendiak.eus"

Once the first level domain name (TLD) .EUS has been agreeded by IANA for web sites from the Basque Country, our site has been migrated to the new address: http://www.mendiak.eus

From now, the contact e-mail address will also change to mendiak@mendiak.eus. So, please update your bookmarks! 

A "news" section, and a new link from every summit to its MENDIKAT http://www.mendikat.net info page have been added as well. This web site is one of the best I've ever seen about mountaineering, although it has only information about basque summits and some other iberian mountains. 

The links between every summit and its mendikat reference was a hard work made by Marcial EA2BDS. 

73 and good SOTAs de Mikel! 
Euskal Herriko Mendiak - Mountains of the Basque Country