Larrea y Peregana, doble activacion de 2 nuevas cumbres

Aunque hoy el dia amenazaba lluvioso, tenemos un monton de nuevas cumbres por estrenar, y hay que aprovechar aunque las condiciones no sean las mas adecuadas.

Antonio EC2AG habia ya anunciado hace dias su intencion de activar hoy Larrea EA2/BI-072, y muy cerca al sur teniamos otra cumbre, ya en Araba: Peregana EA2/VI--065. Marcial EA2BDS y yo quedamos el sabado para hoy domingo 22/2/2015 a las 08:00h, aun sabiendo que el pronostico del tiempo no era muy favorable.


EA1/CT-049 Cañoneros

Today I had the choice of making a short activation and, having done this weekend two EA2 summits (usually to gain fewer points than in neighbour associations) I drove to Cantabria to try to activate Cañoneros, 1200m and 6+3 points.


2015-02-15 Short trip to Navarra and new Basajaun level reached

My son Oier has some days free because of carnival holidays, so we've planned a trip to Navarra, (about 2 1/2 hours by car) to pay a visit to my sisters sons, as we use to do as often as we can. 
At the same time, my intention was to activate one or more summits on EA2/NV. I needed them to reach the next level of the Euskal Herriko Mendiak award, (Basque Country Mountains) consisting on activating 5 summits on 4 basque territories. This would give me the Haize (wind) level.


Is this really SOTA?

I beg your pardon for this post, but I'm starting to think that I, or maybe some other people, have not understood quite well which is the spirit subjacent below SOTA.

Unbe mendi, a new one for ending the job

After some months of work of a lot of people (thank you all: Csaba, Jim, Alain, Fredo, André, Diego, Jon, Jimmy and Andy) we have finally ended the EA2 summits catalog update. Today (yesterday night) the new references were active at SOTAwatch, and we could not imagine a better way to celebrate it than make one of the new.


The new summits catalog of EA2 running!

Finally, this weekend will end the EA2 SOTA summits catalog update. Just the sotawatch database is pending, while sotadata now reflects the changes yet. It has been a lot of work of many people of the SOTA community and followers. 
This very sunday we expect to activate a new one, the easiest one, indeed. There is a large amount of snow on the mountains these last days, so we chose something easy as starting. EA2/BI-076, Unbe Mendi, near to the Cantabric shore, and not too high to be affected seriously by the present bad weather.