Configuring Anytone 878UV & Alinco DJ-MD5 for sending SOTA spots using DMR2SOTA

First of all, I wish to thank Iñigo EA2CQ for his efforts giving to all SOTA activators these useful tools as the SpotMySota Android app, and the new feature of spotting activations using the DMR Brandmeister net, by means of the DMR Brandmeister SMS utility.

Concerning to this, when we (Iñigo and me) were making the preliminary tests on the server, we discovered that some adjustments must be made in order to the system to work. Specifically when using the Anytone 878UV and Alinco DJ-MD5. There are several DMR SMS standars, and if no properly configured, you will not be able to use DMR2SOTA.

All the following information refer to the mentioned DMR2SOTA system, developed by Iñigo EA2CQ. More info about it can be found at this link in the SOTA reflector.

Here we will describe how to make these talkies work. Please follow the next steps to configure your system/talkie to be able to send SMS spots.