EA1/LR SOTA Tour, October 2021

San Lorenzo EA1/LR-001 from La Fonfria summit


Elecraft KX2 @ 10w output
20/30/40m trapped endfed dipole
2x 2.500 mAh, 1 x 6.500 mAh 11.6v LiPo batteries
5 & 8 m fishing poles
3D printed CW keyer

Alinco DJ-MD5 talkie (analogic & DMR).
GPS, APRS, and SOTA spotting capable
External microphone
Telescopic 1/2 lambda V/U antenna

Other material & resources:
Bivouac Tent (600 g)
2 sleep bags for 15ºC
Thin rubber mat
Camping chair

https://sotl.as webpage as doc, alerts and spotting resource
Locus Pro (android app) for GPS tracking and hiking

Please click on each summit reference to find out more info and photos about them



Friday  2021-10-08

Name: La Nava
Ref: EA1/LR-028
Altitude: 1.498 m
Points: 6
Access from: Daroca
QSOs: 38

Saturday 2021-10-09

Name: La Rasa
Ref: EA1/LR-030
Altitude: 1.471 m
Points: 6
Access from: Muro de Cameros

Sunday 2021-10-10

Name: Cuento
Ref: EA1/LR-050
Altitude: 818 m
Points: 4
Access from: Cerro Concejo, A-12 p.k. 101
QSOs: 26

Monday 2021-10-11

1st summit
Name: Cabi-monteros
Ref: EA1/LR-033
Altitude: 1.384 m
Points: 6
Access from: Arnedillo
QSOs: 35

2nd summit
Name: Sierraelpalo
Ref: EA1/LR-039
Altitude: 1267 m
Points: 6
Acess from: Navalsaz
QSOs: 56


Tuesday 2021-10-12

Name: La Fonfria
Ref: EA1/LR-036
Altitude: 1.302 m
Points: 6
Access from: Pazuengos