Mountain Goat

After almost 10 years of being active in SOTA, past august 19th I achieved the  Mountain Goat certificate, after reaching 1,000 activator points.

This was made during the 2023 Soria SOTA Tour, when I activated 13 summits from august 18th to 26th. It was during the second activation of the day at Mt Toranzo, ref. EA1/SO-11 for 6 points, making a total of 1,003 points.


Together with the forest warden I celebrated the event -with orange juice. She was explained the "weird" celebration, but then I knew that a close friend of her is also a ham operator. She called him by phone and we were able to share the moment remotely.


Of course I worked some of my usual VHF fellow chasers too. Despite of being on a quite unpopulated spanish province -Soria- I was able to qualify the summit on VHF with Julian EA2ETB, Fernando EA1AAP, Joaquin EA2CCG, Oscar EC2UT y Mique EA2EUS from the nearby territories of Nafarroa, La Rioja and Saragossa. 

Celebrating at Toranzo

After some chat with these friends, time for some QSOs on 20m CW. Not many, as the propagation was not the best, and I had the intention of making a 3rd activation that same day.

A long trip, ten years long from my first summit, Arrola EA2/BI-053 on october 6th, 2013 to august 19th, 2023 on Toranzo. A bit older, but keeping the same spirit and a lot more experience!

Then I continued my tour until august 26, when after the 13th activation at Cabimonteros EA1/LR-033 and 1.200 Kms, finally arrived at home. 

Waiting for the next one, thanks a lot to all chasers and activators which made all this possible!