About me

Hello, my name is Mikel and my amateur radio call sign (identifier) is EA2CW. I live in Bilbao, Bizkaia at the Basque Country, and I've been on ham radio since I was 17. I began on CB, but soon applied for a novice license, EC2NR. There started my love for the CW (telegraphy) which I still hold at the present. 2 years later I managed to pass the general license and was given the call sign EA2AMU, which 5 years later was changed to EA2CW. I like DX'ing and I've operated from Andorra as C30LEU, Ceuta as EA2CW/EA9, Liechtenstein as HB0/EA2AMU, Geneve operating 4U1ITU and Melilla as EG9TOR. I left the radio some years, and now I've started again on it. 
Now, welcome to my blog. This is a story about doing amateur radio on the summits. I've discovered the SOTA (Summits On The Air) programme on august 2013 and started hiking and transmiting since october 2013. Reached Shack Sloth (1.000 chaser points) on December 2013 and Mountain Goat (1.000 activator points) on August 2023. It allows me making exercise, viewing our beautiful mountains, and doing radio with low power (QRP) from places with no or very light RF noise, achieving amazing results and meeting other mountaineers and radio lovers around the world.

Would you like to join us on the trip?

73 de Mikel EA2CW