Mountain Hunter Platinum achieved

Just yesterday I received from Barry GM4TOE the SOTA certificate Mountain Hunter Platinum level, which means having made contacts with activators on 20 different associations (2 qsos on each one) and at  least on 3 different continents. The best of this is that I made all of them while being activating summits, so they are all summit to summit (S2S for short) QSOs.

These S2S qsos are not easy, as both stations are usually on QRP and in tough conditions. Even more, when these qsos are made between different continents.

In my case, the most of the associations came from Europe, CT3 and EA8 qualifying Africa and VK5 in OC as for the 3rd continent needed.

Associations ChasedNr
9H - Malta2
CT - Portugal2
CT3 - Madeira4
DL - Germany (Alpine)16
DM - Germany (Low Mountains)84
EA1 - Spain (North West)19
EA2 - Spain (North)73
EA3 - Spain (Catalunya)2
EA5 - Spain (South East)2
EA7 - Spain (South)2
EA8 - Canary Islands2
EI - Ireland7
F - France44
G - England31
GI - Northern Ireland3
GM - Scotland11
GW - Wales24
HA - Hungary29
HB - Switzerland105
I - Italy6
LA - Norway18
LX - Luxembourg2
OE - Austria33
OH - Finland7
OK - Czechia60
OM - Slovakia10
ON - Belgium4
PA - Netherlands2
S5 - Slovenia22
SP - Poland10
SV - Greece15
UT - Ukraine3
VK5 - Australia - South Australia2

So, first of all, I wish to thank to all the activators who made it possible with their efforts. Specially to the VK activator Ian VK5CZ, as he must stay on the summits late on the evening waiting for our dawn here on Europe to make the QSOs.

I'm very proud of this achievement, and it gives me strength to follow the path to the real big one, the Mountain Goat... I have already a long way to reach it.