EA2/BI-025 Untzueta

first slopes
Yesterday, after several weeks without activity, Marcial EA2BDS and me returned to the mountain. The one selected was Mt. Untzueta, near Orozko (Bizkaia). We went a bit late on the afternoon, as it was impossible to hike on the morning, and started the trip at 18:00 local (16:00 z). Unfortunately, we are suffering the highest temperatures of this summer, and we started the hike with about 36ºC and 80% humidity. Not best conditions for SOTA.

I was carrying the basic equipment, FT-817, telescopic antenna for HF, LiFePo battery and some water.

After arrival, we saw the first slopes. Although the altitude of Untzueta is only of 760 m, the road gradient is in some stretches more than 40%. So it was at the very beginning. Uf, really tough after so many time without hiking!
The summit was not visible, as we had to hike another summit before. 
Mt Untzueta
We crossed the old farm of Axpuru, and at a small summit of 600 m. at 2 of the 4 km path, I left Marcial to keep on up, and I stayed for a short rest. 15 minutes and some water later, I carried on, arriving to the summit after 35 minutes.

Here we were at last! Incredible sights from the summit. That had to be the reason for establishing here one of the first castles of Bizkaia around the 11th century. It was one of the seven that the Kingdom of Navarre had in this territory to defend it against Castilia. 

After some rest and landscape enjoying, I take my shift after Marcial's on the radio. Conditions were not brilliant, but good enough to allow both us to validate the summit. The sun was dissappearing fast, and we started the way back to the car. 

A bit painful for our old legs, but an impressive summit, and a good SOTA day to recover "bad habits".